About Natures Plus

The Natures Plus brand was integral to the very beginning of the Natural Products Movement in the late 60's and Natures Plus grew into being one of the pillars of this now multi-billion global market segment.  Now, with almost 5 decades of change and growth and expansion, the founding principles of Natures Plus however have remained true to its origins by manufacturing and delivering to the consumer only the highest possible quality product, at a true value price, and backed by extensive laboratory testing and assurances of efficacy and results.  Unlike most other companies in the Natural Product Industry, the Natures Plus organization is still family owned and operated, and has an executive staff with extensive expertise and industry experience.

In the Natural Product Channel, the Natures Plus organization has enjoyed a leadership position in innovative cutting-edge products that has been built on having a substantial commitment to strong R&D and global ingredient investigation and sourcing.  Within all of its physical facilities, the Natures Plus infrastructure meets and exceeds all local, state and Federal guidelines and requirements, and can display a long list of national and international accreditations and awards.  Natures Plus was founded by a pharmaceutical executive, who sought to bring all the best of what the pharmaceutical industry represented (consistent quality, impeccable attention to detail, and absolute guarantees of purity and potency) and so our facilities, guidelines and best practices are all at "pharmaceutical grade" level. 

Additionally, Natures Plus enjoy a near linear integration of all processes of the nearly 1,000 products that we bring to the market.  Our Purchasing Team procures all raw material and production inputs.  Our Manufacturing QA tests, quarantines, and extensively documents every raw material coming into the facility.  Our Pharmacy blends and produces finished bulk material to exacting standards.  Our Manufacturing Divisions then produce capsules, tablets, nutritional shakes, specialized powders, nutritional bars or customized liquids.  Our Bottling and Packaging Department then fill, seal, label, and create the finished product that is ready for sale.  Our Warehouse and Distribution hubs then control and warehouse inventory,  and then ship product to customers and clients throughout the U.S. and around the world.  From concept to finished product arriving into the customer's hand, over 400 employees of Natures Plus have a direct role in getting our quality products produced!


From the early days of the Natural Product Industry, the Independent Natural Product Retailer was the "core center" of the universe.  Natures Plus has always supported, and continues to support, this most important and fundamental root connection.  However, with the growth of the Professional Practitioner who now is utilizing more Natural Products in their private practice Natures Plus needed a platform that could offer the exceptional quality products that we have to offer to this myriad of different Health Care Practitioners, in an easy fast and efficient format that also allows the Professional Practitioner to purchase at a trade or wholesale price level.

In order to create this pipeline for and to the Professional Practitioner, Natures Plus created an on-line catalog and order system that has been named "NaturesPlusPro".  To access all the benefits of the Natures Plus range of products, setting up an account is quick and as easy as 1-2-3.  

  1.  Fill in our short application with your name, practice information and other contact details.
  2.  Attach a PDF or image of your current Business ID or Licencse.
  3.  After a review by our account management and activation, your new Practitioner Account will be operational and ready to use for ordering.


  • Professional Practitioner Trade Pricing
  • Fast and Easy Order Entry
  • Flexible Order Quantities, as little as 1 unit
  • Same Day Shipping Direct from the Manufacturer
  • You receive the "freshest" product inventory available
  • Product back by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Full on-line and phone Customer Service availability
  • Free Samples available with every order
  • New Product Previews
  • Invitations to participate in Market Research or Product Reviews
  • Special seasonal promotions
  • And so much more!

    For additional information visit naturesplus.com