Extended Delivery – All Day Energy

With the instant energy of a liquid and the convenience of a capsule, Source of Life® Energy Shot Liquid-Filled Capsules provide up to 8 hours of extended energy. Full-range adaptogenic herbs, phyto-nutrients, powerful antioxidants and high potency energizing vitamins and minerals deliver jitter-free revitalizing energy to power you through the day! Energy Shot Caps deliver 1000 mcg of energizing vitamin B12 plus B complex for natural metabolic energy. All-natural, energy-extending citrus bioflavonoids prolong the effects of this wide range of healthy energizing nutrients. Energy Shot Caps provide jitter-free, natural energy for 8 hours or more with less caffeine than a cup and a half of coffee. PureAssure™ technology keeps out damaging oxygen with nitrogen flush and high density vegetable cellulose capsules, to retain maximum freshness and unmatched potency. 

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Bottles of 60–#30590

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